Didactic game «Rescue services»


Author of an educational book – © Margarita Barilskaya

The set includes 2 A4 sheets for SELF-printing.

What is the didactic game aimed at «Rescue services»:

The game is aimed at consolidating children’s ideas about the rules of safe behavior, about actions in case of emergency situations, about the numbers of rescue services, the professions of these services and attributes for them.

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Правила игры и инструкция по изготовлению

How to play?

We explain to the child which rescue service needs to be contacted for help under certain circumstances. It is necessary to choose the right cards — the transport of the emergency service, the name of the profession and the phone number to call this service.

How to make a game?

Print the material on thick photo paper. Cut the removable elements, laminate and cut again. You can glue self-adhesive Velcro.