Velcro game «Family», cards for reading and composing words


Author of an educational book – © Margarita Barilskaya

The set includes 4 A4 sheets for SELF-printing.

What is the didactic game aimed at «Family»:

The game will help the child to expand knowledge about his immediate environment, to form ideas about the family, its composition (dad, mom, grandma, grandpa, brothers and sisters, uncle, aunt, etc.); family relations (husband, wife, son, daughter, brother, sister, granddaughter, grandson, grandfather, grandmother, etc. Also, this didactic game trains reading skills, promotes the development of speech in children, activates vocabulary on the lexical topic «Family», develops attention, memory.

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How to play?

Ask the kid to make up his family from the pictures, name each family member (mom, dad, grandma, grandpa), name their names. Introduce your child to the concepts of kinship. For example, why grandparents from mom and dad are called the same, although they are completely different. We explain to the baby that their difference is that there are two grandfathers (mom’s dad and dad’s dad) and two grandmothers (mom’s mom and dad’s mom). Invite the child to distribute household chores among all family members. Ask to tell about the family based on the questions: What’s your name? Who do you live with? What are the names of your family members? Who is the oldest, the youngest? How do you help adults, younger ones? Do you love your family?

Reading exercises. Let the kid choose and attach to the playing field a picture with the image of one of the family members, for example – mom. Suggest using letters to compose this word. To make the task easier, attach a hint card with the inscription «mom» under the picture. You can put a word without the last letter on the playing field in advance. The child should read and attach the missing letter at the end. Over time, in order to complicate the game, the hint cards can not be used.

How to make a game?

Print the material on thick photo paper. Cut the removable elements, laminate and cut again. You can glue self-adhesive Velcro.