Perpetual calendar for children


Author of an educational book – © Margarita Barilskaya

The set includes 3 A4 sheets for SELF-printing.

What is the didactic game aimed at «Perpetual calendar for children»:

Visual didactic material on the formation of temporary representations.

The perpetual calendar is an original paper model for displaying the current date. You can change the date, day and month by rotating the moving circles.

Thanks to the educational calendar, the baby will learn that there are 4 seasons. Find out how many months in a year, what they are called, and what features each of them has. And also get acquainted with the days of the week and learn their order.

The game and activities with the calendar will help the child in the development of thinking, memory, imagination, visual and tactile perception, in the formation of curiosity, patience, perseverance and cognitive activity.

The perpetual calendar will become your child’s favorite toy, as well as an indispensable tool in acquiring important knowledge about the category of time.

The game can be used at home, in kindergarten and even in elementary school.

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How to play?

First you need to show the child how to use the perpetual calendar. To do this, set the time of year, month, day of the week yourself by repeating the action several times.

At the same time, you can tell what season is outside the window, whether it is warm or cold. Say out loud all the seasons and months – this will allow the child to remember their names and order to distinguish between themselves and navigate in time. Next to the names of the months there are corresponding pictures-associations that will make it easier for the child to memorize.

Children should understand the question: “What day of the week is it today?”.Explain that Monday is the first day of the week and is indicated by a single line on the calendar. Tuesday – the second day of the week – two dashes, etc. There are seven days in a week.

When the child has learned the order of days, ask him to name the days of the week in reverse order – from Sunday to Monday. Explain the words yesterday, today, tomorrow using the calendar, using the names of the days of the week. For example: “Today is Monday, what day was yesterday?” – “Sunday”. “Let’s remember what day it is today.” – “Monday”. – “And what day will be tomorrow?” – “Tuesday”. Ask the child what he did today, yesterday, what he is going to do tomorrow. For example: “Tomorrow I will go to visit”, etc.

How to make a game?

1) Print materials on thick photo paper.

2) Cut out circles and 2 fasteners – in one of which cut holes (white windows). Then laminate and cut again.

Recommendations: Only the largest circle should be laminated with a dense laminating film (125 microns). For other elements, it is better to use a thin film (70 microns).

4) Connect all the details.

In order for the circles to be mobile, you will need brads (they can be found in the departments for creativity, ordered in any marketplace).

We pierce the circles in the center with a thick awl and thread the brads through the holes. On the reverse side, we bend the two parts of the legs of the brads in different directions.

For fastening details – from above and below, for stable fixation it is better to use eyelets. Brads, KAM buttons, holnitens (rivets) are also suitable.