Alphabet flashcards free printable for children


Author of an educational book – © Margarita Barilskaya

The set includes 4 A4 sheets for SELF-printing.

What is the didactic game aimed at Alphabet flashcards:

Here you can download free English Alphabet flashcards for Kids.

The set of training cards is designed for children of the earliest age. With the help of these cards, the child will get acquainted with English letters, with the concepts: “vowels -consonants”, “uppercase and lowercase letters”. With the help of cards, you can conduct educational classes – to introduce the child to letters, teach them to recognize and memorize the graphic image of a letter, make syllables and words out of letters, master the first reading and writing skills.

Сompilation of educational games in English:

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How to play and make a game? You can find out in the description.

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Правила игры и инструкция по изготовлению

How to play?

With the help of cards with letters, you can come up with a lot of educational games and manuals. Choose the option that suits you, for example:

– Templates can be cut into cards or used as small posters that can be hung at the child’s eye level.

– Cards can simply be shown to a child, make syllables and words from given letters, sort letters (uppercase and lowercase, vowels-consonants).

– You can print templates in 2 copies, one of which can be cut into cards. And then correlate the cut version with the uncut one.

– Guidelines: print out several variants of cards with letters at once and change them daily so that they do not have time to bore the child.

How to make a game?

Print the material on thick photo paper, cut into separate cards and laminate.